The Boutique

Founded in 2012, LegalLab Law Boutique is an international business law firm serving a broad range of corporate clients primarily in the IT, mining, construction, education, and non-profit industries. Among its achievements, the Boutique has helped firms expand globally, navigate the corporate, tax, and trade legislation of various countries, add multi-million dollar value in cross-border business negotiations, and has reformed national laws in order to meet its clients’ needs.

Well-known in the legal industry as a True Partnership, LegalLab Law Boutique invests its professional experience and networks to help you do business globally, with partner organizations in nine countries and a legal team versed in Armenian, English, French, German, and Russian.

Stepan S. Khzrtian
Founding Partner
Narek G. Ashughatoyan
Founding Partner
Elizabet G. Mamikonyan
Junior Associate
Ani Kostandyan
Administrative Assistant

The Practice

  • Contracts
  • Starting a Business or Non-Profit
  • Intellectual Property: Copyright, Patents, Trademarks
  • Real Estate
  • International Trade: Import and Export
  • International Tax
  • Research on local and international law, practice, and policy
  • Legal Due Diligence (Legal Audit)
  • Contracts

    Reviewing and drafting contracts governed by Armenian or foreign laws, including procurement contracts, intellectual property licensing contracts, labor contracts, financing contracts, share purchase agreements, supply contracts, commission contracts, professional services agreements, non-disclosure agreements, real estate contracts, memoranda of understanding, etc.

  • Starting a Business or Non-Profit

    Establishing and structuring business or non- profit operations in Armenia, abroad, offshore, and in special economic zones, including establishing a corporation (legal entity), setting up a branch, office, or representation, setting up franchising, reviewing and drafting internal legal documents (procedural, corporate governance, bylaws), facilitating setting up bank account(s) and accounting, securing a registered agent abroad.

  • Intellectual Property: Copyright, Patents, Trademarks

    Advising on and implementing intellectual property protection in Armenia and abroad, including registering trademarks, patents, advising on foreign procedures, advising on copyright protection.

  • Real Estate

    Advising on and implementing real estate transactions in Armenia and abroad, including reviewing and drafting contracts regarding the purchase, sale, renting, leasing, donation of property in Armenia and abroad.

  • International Trade: Import and Export

    Advising on and providing legal support on international trade transactions, including advising on import and export procedures in Armenia and abroad (based on Armenian and foreign legal acts and the practice in Armenia), reviewing and drafting international trade transactions, reducing risk and securing insurance, settling issues with suppliers, freight forwarding companies, insurance companies.

  • International Tax

    Advising on Armenian and international taxation issues, including consulting on Armenian taxation, international taxation regimes between Armenia and a foreign jurisdiction, taxation in offshore jurisdictions and special economic zones, and general consulting on domestic tax laws of foreign jurisdictions.

  • Research on local and international law, practice, and policy

    Advising on and conducting research on Armenian and international law, practice,
 and policy, including drafting legal opinions and research papers, performing comparative analysis, generating recommendations and solutions based on international and local best practice.

  • Legal Due Diligence (Legal Audit)

    Advising on and implementing legal due diligence (legal audit), including identifying gaps and shortcomings in legal procedures, documentation, and contracts, proposing and implementing recommendations and solutions to improve legal maintenance and efficiency, supporting executive team in objectively presenting the legal “health” of the company to investors and government bodies.

Special LegalLab Services

  • Strategic Planning and Business Negotiations
  • Making Global Connections
  • Legal Architecture for “Less risk, more profit”
  • Strategic Planning and Business Negotiations

    Providing strategic planning services, consulting, and conducting of professional business negotiations, including cross-border negotiations with foreign suppliers, agents, franchisees, business partners, third-party contractors.

  • Making Global Connections

    Developing and managing global corporate connections (networks), including identifying, contacting, and establishing business cooperation with foreign partners, suppliers, buyers, contractors, agents.

  • Legal Architecture for “Less risk, more profit”

    “Legal architecture” services to ensure effective and legally sound structuring and growth of your business, by means of assessing and consulting on the legal risk behind business decisions.

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International Trade


Entertainment & Media



Real Estate



What People Say About Us

  • Stepan and Narek have proved to be reliable partners who are always available - be it for a quick consultation, a request for advice, or a highly involved, urgently needed, document review process. I would strongly recommend LegalLab not only for their competence in Armenian and international laws, but also for their personal touch in approaching every single issue.

    Ara Markosian
    President, Nairian CJSC
  • Masters of finding the shortest, thus time-saving solutions to otherwise complicated issues.

    Aram Sharambeyan
    CEO, Sharan Crafts Center
    Founder, Aramara
  • The firm’s partners, Stepan Khzrtian and Narek Ashughatoyan, have shown professionalism
and high attention to detail. In providing
services, preparing contracts, charters, and founding documents, as well as in implementing transactions, the firm has provided us with concrete, substantiated, and well-argued advisory services, which has reflected the uniqueness of our representation and the benevolent nature of AGBU activities.

    Vasken L. Yacoubian
    AGBU Central Board Member
    Hovig Eordekian
    Interim Director,
    AGBU Armenian Representation
  • As a diasporan Armenian intending to start a business in Armenia, it was very important to get familiar and comfortable with the local rules, regulations and essential practices so as to found the company on solid grounds. LegalLab was extremely effective in making a clear and holistic presentation.

    During the past 2 years, LAYC cooperated with LegalLab for its many local and foreign dealings and contracts of different natures where LegalLab displayed high professionalism, superior quality and timely work. Its command of many languages was instrumental in a seamless and reassuring process. In some urgent and crucial cases LegalLab was more than willing to put in long hours and deliver the required documents and/or legal advice on time.

    Vasken L. Yacoubian
    General Director
    Leon A. Yacoubian Contracting LLC
  • Mediamax Media Company has been benefitting from LegalLab services for more than two years, starting in April 2013. We have entrusted the protection of our copyrights to LegalLab, and we are extremely satisfied with the result of this cooperation.

    Moreover, together with LegalLab, we have engaged in the legislative reform process in the fields of journalism and copyright, and this has already born significant results.

    Ara Tadevosyan
    CEO, Mediamax Media Company
  • Very talented and charming young men, with a very high level of professionalism.

    I am sure they have a long way to go: they don’t shy away from complicated tasks.

    Valeri Mejlumyan
    President, Vallex Group Companies


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